Your VIP Check Engine Experts

The VIP AutoPro Team are your experts when it comes diagnosing and repairing  the multitude of issues that can cause the Check Engine Light to appear

Your VIP AutoPro Check Engine Experts are diagnostic specialists that can have the experience and tools to identify, diagnose and repair the root cause of a persistent or intermittent Check Engine Light, or any other Dashboard Warning Light.

Check Engine Warning Signs

There may not be any other warning signs other than the Check Engine Light being on but this one light can mean many things:

  • Oxygen Sensor Problems
  • Loose or Faulty Gas Cap
  • Catalytic Converter Problems
  • Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • Spark plugs and or wires
  • After market car alarm or remote starter
  • Exhaust Gas Valve Maintenance

With literally hundreds of potential trouble codes, the check engine light is your warning to let the Experts at VIP AutoPro look at your vehicle, and if our inspection reveals that you need any repairs, we will provide you with a written estimate before the work is started.

The VIP Service Difference – Diagnostic Service

The VIP Diagnostic Service is typically performed when there are issues (stalling, failure to start, dashboard warning lights) and helps us pinpoint the root cause of the problems.

The VIP Diagnostic Service includes:

  • Visual Inspection of the overall condition of the vehicle
  • Test and Check for Electronic Trouble Codes
  • Identify the root cause
  • Written Report of findings, status and recommendations

The VIP Warranty

Backed by the NAPA Peace of Mind Warranty our 12 month / 20,000 km has you covered.  We stand behind the work that we do – our reputation depends on it.

Your warranty is honoured at over 600 NAPA AutoPro locations in Canada and 16,000 NAPA AutoCare Locations across North America.