Your VIP Transmission Experts

The VIP AutoPro Team are your experts when it comes diagnosing and repairing  transmission issues with your vehicle.  The transmission is the second most costly part to replace on your vehicle and should be looked after just like your engine.

Your VIP AutoPro Transmission Experts can help you get the most out of vehicle by ensuring that your vehicle shifts smoothly from gear to gear and can handle the stresses of modern stop and go driving.

A Transmission failure can be costly.  This system is designed to be a closed system but with many moving parts, the transmission should not be overlooked when in for routing maintenance

Transmission System Warning Signs

You may need to have the transmission checked on your vehicle if:

  • the vehicle refuses to go into gear
  • transmission is noisy while in neutral (bumps, grinding)
  • gear slipping, ginding or shaking while driving
  • fluid leak (bright red fluid on ground)
  • check engine light
  • lack of response while accellerating

Any time that you notice any of these symptoms, it is a good idea to have your transmission checked.  At VIP AutoPro, if our inspection reveals that you need any repairs, we will provide you with a written estimate before the work is started.

The VIP Warranty

transmissionBacked by the NAPA Peace of Mind Warranty our 12 month / 20,000 km has you covered.  We stand behind the work that we do – our reputation depends on it.

Your warranty is honoured at over 600 NAPA AutoPro locations in Canada and 16,000 NAPA AutoCare Locations across North America.

The VIP Service Difference – Transmission Service

The VIP Transmission Service is recommended at least once every five years (depending on driving habits) and is an important part of the overall safety and performance of your vehicle.  Every 80,000  km or 60 months having your Transmission Service  is strongly recommended.

The VIP Transmission System Service includes:

  • Road Test to help identify symptoms
  • Visual Inspection of the overall condition transmission
  • Flush old fluid from transmission
  • Replace fluid with manufacturer recommended
  • Written Report of findings, status and recommendations