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Oil is truly the lifeblood of the engine of your vehicle.  It protects and lubricates the moving parts of the engine.  There are additives that help protect it against corrosion, reduce friction and help reduce or remove harmful deposits, but these additives break down over time.

The Engine Oil Filter also becomes clogged with the cleaning deposits from normal engine wear.

It is also important to note that every engine consumes some oil, so if you are overdue on your oil change, and the level is low, additional engine damage and excessive wear can occur.

Putting off your next oil change may seem like being fiscally responsible, but there are some problems that occur if you wait too long:

Sludge Buildup – When your oil gets dirty, stays dirty and continues to run through the engine dirty, it begins to accumulate a nasty buildup of sludge, which is a mixture of dirt and oil that has begun breaking down due to heat.  Accumulation of sludge can clog up your oil delivery system further restricting the movement of vital fluids destined for the engine parts that they support.

Contamination – As thousands of litres of gasoline burn through your motor over time, byproducts and dirt begin to accumulate and circulate through the oil system. The Oil Filter that is changed with each Oil Change takes care of most of this, but think of it as cooking with oil…you would not keep cooking with the same oil month after month without changing it!  Providing the engine with fresh oil and a new filter helps to remove the contamination that builds up over time in a running motor.  This contamination can create a host of problems, especially when bits of gunk start blocking the pipes!

Break Down – Once you have a gunky, sludgy, contaminated engine with old oil, don’t be too surprised if you experience a mechanical break down.  If the oil isn’t reaching everywhere it needs to get to, a breakdown is inevitable.  Even worse, if any part of the engine runs dry and is not getting oil, you are heading for a catastrophic failure.  As oil breaks down and settles into the bottom of the oil pan, you lose oil leading to a loss of oil pressure.  When you hear a loud ticking from the engine, you’ll know that your engine ins in desperate need of an oil change.

Do I Need an Oil Change?

When you take advantage of the VIP Service Difference you are not alone in trying to remember when your next Oil Change should be.  We will work together with you to ensure that you are supported with the standard 5000-8000 km regular service.  Synthetic oils can go longer, but it is recommended that you should service your car at the minimum 2 times per year (every 6 months) to ensure that your vehicle is always ready for you!

The team at all Four London Locations of VIP AutoPro will be happy to change your oil and with every Oil Change we complete a Courtesy Check of 48 key components of the rest of your vehicle so you never have to worry about surprises!

If you are ready, why not make an appointment today with a Certified Mechanic and experience the VIP Service Difference!


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