In case you missed it over the past couple of weeks, winter is definitely here.  Sub zero temperatures, blowing snow and icy conditions all point to looking to the most overlooked bit of routine vehicle maintenance.  To ensure that you are not left out in the cold this winter, one thing that should be on the top of your to do list is making sure that your car battery is in good working order.  Your car won’t start if the battery is dead and if you have ever been stranded in a mall parking lot…it can me more than a little inconvenient.

As the temperatures drop, your car battery will lose more and more of its ability to start your vehicle.  At zero degrees, the battery efficiency can drop to as low as 65% of peak output and at -20 this can be as low as 40% of the capacity of your battery.

The massive swings in temperature also plays havoc on your battery as it freezes and thaws in the temperatures that can range from at times in the teens to as low as -30 at times.  Your vehicle will respond poorly to the sudden cold snaps and wild fluctuations that are par for the course with Southern Ontario winters!

Here at VIP AutoPro we help you stay ahead of the game and prepare the best defense against being stranded.

With every Winter Maintenance Service Package, we will test your battery and let you know if a car battery replacement is recommended.

Already having some concerns with your car battery?  Is it coughing and hacking at the strain of starting up in the morning?  Book a checkup with us and we would be more than happy to give you the right answers so you can make it to Grandma’s safe and sound!