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Many of our customers are in the dark when it comes to the Air Filters in their cars. What do they do? How do they affect performance? When should they be changed? These are all great questions and our Service Managers are there to support you and answer any questions you may have about any component of your vehicle. Air filters are crucial to your car’s overall performance and failure to make them part of the regular maintenance can potentially reduce your car’s longevity.

Here are some pointers to understand air filters and how they affect the way your car performs:

What the Air Filter Does

The main purpose of a car’s air filter is to ensure that large debris like leaves, bugs, dust and other materials don’t get into the engine’s delicate systems…basically the air filter keeps the “bad stuff out” and lets the good stuff in (ie air). By blocking the larger particles from entering the engine intake you are allowing pure air in, ensuring proper combustion of the fuel that makes your car go to where you want it.

How a Dirty Filter will Affect Performance

Just like your oil and tires, the engine air filter needs to be changed over time. This is because the filter tends to collect a large amount of dust, debris and other “stuff” as it does its job of keeping these things out of the engine. This collection of “stuff” though, eventually impedes the ability of air to make its way into the engine allowing it to run at its best. This is similar to what happens when a vacuum bag gets full and the motor does not work as efficiently.

In most cases, a clogged air filter may not affect gas mileage as much as a deflated tire but it will rob your engine of power. This is because the engine needs a steady supply of oxygen to combust properly and this can not happen if you have a clogged air filter, and acceleration, power and torque will likely suffer.

If you continue to drive your vehicle in this condition other aspects of your engine will begin to struggle, for instance, engine choking and in some cases overheating because of an improper fuel/air ratio.

How often Should the Air Filter be Changed

Typically, your air filter should be checked with EVERY Oil Change and working with your VIP Service Expert will ensure that your precious car is operating at peak performance. As for an exact time or distance that it should be changed this can be dramatically affected by factors like:

  • Smog and Pollution level
  • Driving Habits (stop and go traffic)
  • Make and Model of your car
  • The best way is to work with your VIP Service Expert whenever you come in for service.

Air filters are an important part your your car’s overall system. To ensure that you keep your vehicle running in its best shape be sure that all your car’s filtration systems are in working order (Cabin Air Filter, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter etc). If you have any questions or if your car needs regular maintenance or just a check-up Book your next Service Appointment with us today.

Or just stop by any of our 4 convenient London Locations today. Our team of certified automotive professionals are there to assist you with anything your car may need!