Winter may be delayed this year but that does give you more time to really look at the state of your tires.  Regardless of if you are putting Winter Tires on or braving the inevitable Canadian Winter with your Three-Season Tires…it is the perfect time to have a VIP Service Expert give your tires a quick once over to make sure everything is in order.

If you are giving a quick look yourself though, we recommend doing 5 quick steps to ensure your tires are in the best shape possible and if you find you need to have any of them replaced, come on in for a no obligation tire quote at any of our 4 locations!


Check your tires periodically for wear.  We understand that you probably don’t look at your tires very often, but it’s a very good habit to get into.  If you look at them on a regular basis, you will have a far easier time understanding if your tires are in good shape or if there is a problem developing.

Step 2:

Recognize what is going on with your tire wear.  Here is a great guide for a quick look at some common issues:


Step 3:

How is the tire tread holding up?  If you stick a dime (normally this would be a penny but well, we don’t have them anymore).  If the Queen’s head is covered, you still have plenty of tread.  However, if you can still see the beautiful profile of Queen Elizabeth, your tires likely need to be replaced.

Step 4:

Do you see any signs of bubbling, cupping or bulging in your tires?  If yes, your tires are a serious risk for blowing out and that is very dangerous. Do you best to avoid driving your vehicle until you can replace those tires.


Step 5:

Look for nails or other debris stuck in your tires.  Nails can cause a flat, but that can often be repaired.  If your tires have any nails breaking the surface, get your flat tire fixed right away!

With the VIP Service Difference, we inspect your tires with every visit and provide you with an update.  If you are unsure of the status of your tires, we can assist you with everything from wheel alignments, to tire rotation and even the installation of a brand new set of tires.