With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we’d provide some gift ideas for vehicle owners.

The Car Enthusiast


The Car Enthusiast takes pride in their car, so they will appreciate a gift that shows their car some love. We recommend a gift card for a car detailing or a set of nice floor mats to keep the car clean.

The Commuter


The commuter is spending hours in their car everyday, so they’ll appreciate a gift that makes their commute easier. We recommend a subscription to satellite radio (if they don’t have one), a heated seat cushion with back support, or a gas card.

The Road Tripper


While the road tripper might not have a winter road trip planned, they’re already thinking ahead to summer. They’ll appreciate a something that enriches their road trip experience. We recommend a maintenance package, a GPS (if they don’t have one), or a gas card.

The New Owner


The new owner is excited to have taken on the responsibility of owning a car, but may have been unprepared for all the costs. They’ll appreciate anything that will assist with their purchase, especially if they’ve purchased a used vehicle. We recommend a maintenance package, a gift card they can use for any repairs/maintenance the car may need, an emergency car kit or a roadside assistance subscription.

Hopefully this guide will help you find the perfect present for everyone on your list.

For more ideas, or to purchase a gift card, be sure to stop in at your nearest VIP AutoPro or call us at 519-432-2900.

Happy Holidays,