As you prep to show that someone special just how much you care on February 14, don’t forget to share that love with the one thing that never seems to let you down, gets you moving in the morning and takes you home at night!  Yes, this Valentine’s Day, show your car some love too!

Here are a few ideas to give your precious 4 wheel true love the attention it deserves:

  1. Make it Sparkle – Treat your car to a special car wash.  Don’t scrimp on the Basic Wash either.  After almost 3 months of salt and grime and guck…treat your car to a spa day.  Go for a complete detailing, inside and out.  Pamper your ride with a little bit of tender care with a hand wash and wax to get it sparkling for at least a few days.
  2. Baby needs new Shoes – Have you been putting off a new set of tires?  Spring is just around the corner and what better way to not only spruce up the look of your ride but also save a bit on the ever increasing price of fuel than to give your car some new kicks with a new set of tires.  Heck, go wild and spring for a new set of rims too and set off the look of your now clean and shiny ride!
  3. Chill in Style – Nothing says comfort than a nice seat!  New seat covers can make the difference in riding in style and keep your own tushie a little more comfortable at the same time!
  4. Clear the Air – All relationships deserve complete honesty.  When it comes to the smell of your car though, a new Air Freshener can be a life saver after a winter of driving around with the windows rolled up, transporting the kids hockey equipment around or just the in and out of wet boots.  At the same time, have the experts at VIP AUTOPRO check your Cabin Air Filter and keep the sweet scents coming for months to come.
  5. Floor it – No we are not talking about speeding here!  Those dingy old floor mats that you have been sporting have probably seen better days so why not make things all match with a new set of mats so that your feet have a new place to rest on that morning commute.
  6. Make Sweet Music Together – Spring for an upgrade on your car’s sound system.  Whether it is an add on with a satellite receiver or a full upgrade with speakers, and amplifiers…nothing says I Love You more than the sweet sounds of a serenade!
  7. Lighten Up – Ok, we all know that feeling of drudgery that comes from stop and go traffic, or dodging the spring pot holes but don’t forget to just take a moment and let this special part of your life just how much you care.  You may not be able to wrap your arms around an automobile but you can be nice to it and lose the lead foot, go easy on the brakes and heck…you may just be rewarded with your car saying I love you back by not needing as many fill ups or another brake job in the near future.