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Today marks the 42nd day since the start of Winter and with only 47 days until the official start of Spring, it is the perfect time to do a mid-winter check on your vehicle.  While there has not been a lot of real “winter” so far this season, the long-term forecast for London is showing a winter blast is on its way!  Being ready for winter driving with the VIP AutoPro Mid-Winter Check-up is the best thing you can do to be prepared.

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  • Oil Change – Colder temperatures can cause oil to thicken, which makes it more difficult for the oil to
    travel through your engine…which can lead to a failure.
  • Battery / Charging Check – Battery issues are the most frequent cause of breakdowns, and cold temperatures can drain batteries far faster than warm ones. You may be able to head off disaster if you simply keep your battery in good shape
  • Wipers – It’s a good idea to install winter wipers; they’re stronger—to move snow and ice—and have an extra layer of rubber to protect against corrosion and rust. We will even top up your Windshield Washer Fluid.
  • Coolant Check – Not only does coolant keep your engine from overheating in the summer, it prevents engine fluids from freezing in the winter. But when your coolant ages, the freezing protection can diminish.
  • Hoses & Belts – Pliable materials in belts and hoses are more likely to get brittle and break in the winter, because the cold makes them stiffer. A damaged belt will reduce your engine’s efficiency, and a leaky hose could lead to an overheated engine and costly repairs.
  • Tires – Winter’s icy, wet roads will affect your tires’ traction.  The general rule of thumb is that in areas of extreme snow and ice you should use winter tires, which are designed to push slush away and keep you on the road. Didn’t get Winter Tires?  Its not too late.
  • Suspension Check – Every time you hit a bump in the road, your suspension takes a hit to smooth your ride. And because it is located on the underside of your vehicle, the suspension is especially susceptible to damage in the winter, because of the increased grime, salt, gravel and potholes.

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Old Man Winter is not likely to give up, so be ready for the last of what the winter will throw at you and your car today!