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Few things are more fun than hitting the open road and experiencing something new.  The Summer Road Trip is a right of passage for some and for others an annual event but regardless of how many times you have taken a Summer Vacation in the car, driving across this exciting country takes some preparation and planning especially when it comes to having a worry free trip that does not leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Here are some tips to help ensure you get the most out of you vacation time:

Schedule A Checkup

The first thing you should before any long road trip is have your car inspected by a professional.  This means more than just a typical Oil Change.  Completing a comprehensive multi-point inspection like the VIP Summer Maintenance Package ensures that all major components of your vehicle are checked over and things like rotating your tires, inspecting the brakes and even giving the A/C a once over are performed.

You should also make sure that all the fluids (Coolant, Wiper Fluid and Transmission) are all topped up and that your vehicle is free from any serious mechanical issues that could cause your dream vacation to become a nightmare.  An ounce of prevention is work a pound of cure as the $60 spent on a full maintenance check could save you an $800 repair bill with a blown radiator hose in the mountains of British Columbia miles from the nearest service centre.

Check the Battery – and have Jumper Cables

Part of the VIP Summer Maintenance Package is a check of the vehicle’s Start and Charging System but you may want to go the extra step to have the Battery Fully tested as you are likely to be relying on your vehicle to charge your Smart Phone, Tablet, GPS and even a Laptop or two.

Take the time to clan the battery terminals so that any debris or buildup will not interfere with your battery’s performance.  You should also ensure that you have a set of quality jumper cables in your vehicle just in case you over tax the system during your travels.

Fill up Your Tires

With the VIP Summer Maintenance Package, we give your tires a thorough inspection for wear, damage and other issues.  We also top up your tires to the factory recommended specifications but you should have a tire gauge and be checking at least monthly for the signs that you may be having issues down the road.

As you are planning a trip that could put hundreds or thousands of kilometres on your vehicle, ensuring that you maintain proper inflation can save you money at the gas pump by increasing fuel economy, not to mention reducing the iris of a potentially dangerous tire blowout in the middle of nowhere.

Be Prepared – for Emergencies and Bring Extra Supplies

Prepare of worst case scenarios.  Bring things like a first aid kit, flash lights, a blanket and some basic tools.  Also check your spare tire to make sure it is properly inflated and check the condition of your tire iron and jack, in case you have to change a tire.

You should also bring food and water.  If you car does break down it is quite possible you could be miles from help and may have to wait several hours for help to arrive.

Don’t Over Pack your Vehicle

Don’t pack too much as excessive weight can put serious strain on your tires and suspension.  Check your owners manual for the cargo capacity of your vehicle.

Clean your Car

As you trek across the country or province, you will be spending countless hours in your car during your trip and you don’t want it to be dirty, smelly or covered with trash as you venture out on the open road.  Take the time to vacuum out your car before you leave and get rid of any trash that may be lurking under the seats.

A clean car will also help reduce the messes that are caused by the road trip itself.  The Timmies Stops and empty water bottles will add up if you don’t start with a clean slate.

Road Trip Ready with VIP AutoPro

Take advantage of the VIP Summer Maintenance Package and make your ride “Road Trip Ready”

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Cheers and happy travels!!!