It looks like the chilly weather has finally broken and even the mornings are getting a bit more acceptable.  This means that even though your heating system has probably been working around the clock all winter long and there is nothing better than needing to switch over to the A/C there is a few essential things that you should do before making that switch.

As the weather warms up more and more, here are some tips to ensure that your system is ready for a well deserved rest:

  • Check to make sure that the A/C is actually blowing out cold air.  Even if it is not quite warm enough to make the switch permanent it is a good idea to switch over to it and run it for a while just to make sure that it is blowing out the sweet cold air that a July afternoon is going to require.
  • Make sure that the air filter and cabin air filters have been changed.  At VIP AutoPro we check this with each Courtesy Inspection but it should be checked to ensure that the system works at is best.
  • Have the entire Heating and Cooling System checked at VIP AutoPro especially as the weather changes from cold to warm and vice versa.  A system inspected twice per year will last much longer and avoid costly repairs down the road.  Don’t wait until it is 35 degrees and you are melting to find out that a quick top up of refrigerant in the spring was all you needed to keep yourself cool all summer long!

While your heating system may have run just fine all winter long without any major problems, there could be some minor problems that will be trouble next year when you turn on that heater again!