Storing a Vehicle for Winter

This winter, you may decide that you want to store your vehicle. We’ve compiled a list of tips for proper vehicle storage:

Location, location, location

Ensure that your vehicle is being stored in a safe and dry location. Your garage will work just fine, or a storage facility.

Check the Oil

Has it been a while since you’ve changed your oil? Before storing, give your vehicle an oil change so that old, dirty oil isn’t sitting for an extended time. If you’ve recently changed the oil, you’ll be fine.

Oil Change

Clean Up

Give your vehicle a good clean inside and out to make sure you don’t have anything that could lead to rust or bad smells.

Inflate the Tires

Inflate the tires to their maximum to prevent flat spots from forming during storage. You don’t need to take the tires off during storage, just make sure they are inflated well.


If possible, bring your battery in your house and keep it connected to a battery maintainer. This will keep the battery charged during storage so that it will work when you’re ready to take your vehicle for a drive.


Cover it Up

Tuck your car in for the winter with a high-quality, tight fitting cover. It’s also a good idea to place steel wool in the exhaust and air inlet to prevent rodents and other pests from crawling inside and causing damage. Don’t forget to remove these when taking your car out of storage!

vehicle cover

Call the Insurance Company

If you’re not going to be driving the car for an extended period of time, call your insurance company and take your car off the road. This will reduce your insurance costs while you’re not using it. REMEMBER – if you plan to drive your car, ensure you have proper insurance!


Let it Hibernate

If you’re storing your car for the winter, it is a commitment. Bringing your car out of storage and then having to redo all the above steps is time-consuming. If you plan to put your car in storage, leave it there until you’re ready to remove it from storage.

If you need help, come to your nearest VIP AutoPro and ask one of our automotive experts who would be glad to help you, or give us a call at 519-432-2900.