Much can be said about the summer finally being here.  The kids are out of school, the days never seem to end, the sun beats down on us as we bake on the beach…but Summer Time is Road Trip Time and not being prepared can lead to expensive repairs, delays on the side of the road and well just a really bad day!

So to make your life simple, we here at VIP AutoPro would like to share a few simple tips to make sure you are Road Trip Ready:

  1. Engine Oil – Check the fluid levels and if you are coming due for an Oil Change…getting it done a little early can never hurt (especially before you leave on that first 29-hour leg.
  2. Transmission and Differential Fluids – If you are pulling a trailer or not, this is the perfect time to get the vitals of your car, van or truck checked over.  Just like Engine Oil, both the Transmission and Differential do require regular maintenance.   Check your Owners Manual for the recommended intervals.
  3. Hoses – Rubber is a finicky thing…it would last for decades on the shelf but in the harsh climates and driving conditions that we as Canadians put our vehicles through, checking for cracks, wear and fit is vital to ensuring a worry free trip down memory lane.
  4. Belts – Just like Hoses, the belts that run the A/C, Alternator and Power Steering wear out over time.  Having them checked out before you leave means not having the worst thing imaginable happen while on the backward leg of stop and go traffic, when it is 35 degrees on your way to the cottage – NO Air Conditioning!!!
  5. Coolant – While we typically think of engine coolant as “Anti-Freeze” it does a lot of work in transferring the heat of the engine away from those moving parts that give our “Go-Go Machine” its Get Up and Go!  A top up or flush may be required.
  6. Tire Pressure and Tread – When putting countless kilometers and building life long memories…you don’t want to burn through the kid’s college fund on gas or worse, find yourself stranded on a back road with a flat so checking the tires before a big trip is vital!
  7. Brake System – Both the Brake Fluid and the Braking System should be checked over before a long trip.  Regular Brake Maintenance can save $1000’s over the lifetime of your vehcile.
  8. Battery – With little Tommy’s Laptop, Suzie’s iPad, the GPS, phones all charging and maybe a cooler plugged in…these all put extreme drain on your car’s charging system.  Before leaving on an epic adventure that ballads will be written for…getting the battery and charging system inspected is a wise idea!
  9. Test the Car – switch cars with a friend,  spouse or family member for the day.  The things that you have grown used to over time (sponge brake pedal, the pull to the right or the rumble from the rear suspension) will be apparent almost immediately to someone who does not drive the car on a regular basis.

The 9 items above are all actually all covered under the VIP Summer Maintenance Package…so stop in today and experience the VIP Service Difference.