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What is a “Tune-Up”???

Today’s vehicles are designed and built to run smoother for longer periods of time.  For those of us who have 20+ years of driving experience we remember the days of having to have things tweaked and adjusted every so often but modern cars are in need of just as much care and attention…just in different ways.

The requirements for a Tune-up will vary depending on your make and model of vehicle, but ultimately, tuning your car is much like tuning a musical instrument.  With VIP AutoPro, the “Tune-Up” is a full inspection and slight alterations to improve the overall vehicle performance.

Spark Plug and Wiring

The spark plug is checked and often replaced during the Tune-Up.  It improves the spark which in turn improves the flame of the engine and therefor improves fuel economy and acceleration.  Over time, the timing of the sequence can be off which results in the spark firing and gas being released at the wrong time.  It is a minor correction that can have major performance implications for your vehicle.

The wiring of your vehicle is looked over as well.  This isn’t as big of a deal for modern vehicles, but on older vehicles, wiring can cause all kinds of issues (just pop the hood of a mid-90s car or truck and you will instantly understand).

Scan and Check

This process involves connecting your vehicle to our diagnostic scan.  This is where most of the modern Tune-Up will take place.  This scan includes checking the battery voltage, scanning the vehicles computer for bad codes and looking at the idle speed and other internal features that typically are not looked at during an oil change or brake inspection.


With the VIP AutoPro, we will look at items like the oxygen sensor, the fuel filter, and all other filters (cabin air filter, engine air filter etc) to ensure that your vehicle is running at maximum efficiency.

Wondering if a Tune-Up is necessary for your vehicle?  Contact any of our 4 London Locations for more information on the specifics of a VIP Tune-Up and schedule an appointment with our Licensed Service Technicians.