Now that December is upon us and the temperatures are taking a nose dive and snow is on the horizon we thought it would be a good idea to share some Winter Driving Tips to ensure you make it to your destination safely.

Is your vehicle winter ready?

  • Have you installed winter tires?  They provide better traction under snowy or icy conditions
  • Do you have a snow brush or scraper in your car along with a small emergency kit like a portable shovel, blanket, jumper cables and a flashlight
  • Make sure your mirrors, ALL WINDOWS and the top of your vehicle are snow free before hitting the road

Drive with caution

  • Don’t make abrupt starts and stops when driving.  Ensure maximum control of your vehicle and avoid lose of control and skids.
  • Slow down!!!  Adjust your driving to the road conditions.  Driving too quickly is a major cause of winter collisions.  Leave extra time for your travels.

Give some space

  • Leave some room between you and the vehicle ahead of you.  Don’t tailgate.  Stopping can take substantially longer on snowy and icy roads than it does on dry pavement so leave extra room between you and the car ahead of you.

Lights on

  • Turn on your headlights with every start of a trip and make sure your lights are snow free.
  • Use your turn signals to indicate lane changes and turns

Avoid Cruise Control

  • Even on long trips it is not wise to use your cruise control when conditions are snowy, icy or wet because if your car hydroplanes your car will try to accelerate and you may lose control of your vehicle.

Pay Attention

  • Road conditions even on short trips can vary greatly.  Driving in general is more difficult in the snow.  Be sure to anticipate what your next move will be and be courteous of other drivers.