Winter Tire Buyer’s Guide

With winter just around the corner, we thought we’d provide a couple tips for purchasing winter tires:

Know Your Tire Size

Using the wrong size tire can damage your car. Make sure you are using the correct size. You will find the tire size printed on the side of the tire.


All-Season Tires vs. Snow Tires

By using all-season tires, you’re wearing out the tread during the year, making them less effective in the winter and shortening their life. You will extend the life of your tires by installing a separate set of winter tires.


You may want to consider getting a different set of rims for your snow tires, so that you can preserve your regular ones. If you plan to purchase separate rims, try to find ones specific for winter/snow driving so they’ll be more resistant to winter conditions. At VIP AutoPro, we have tire and rim packages available, just ask us about them during your next visit.


Don’t forget to ask your tire dealer about rebates. Many manufacturers have rebates available on select models or your dealer might be offering specials. At VIP AutoPro, we have a number of tire rebates available – all you have to do is ask!


Car Insurance

Did you know that many insurance companies may have discounts available if you use snow tires during the winter? Call your insurance provider and find out if you could save money by installing snow tires!

We hope that these tips will make purchasing winter tires a little less painful and don’t forget to come check out VIP AutoPro for your winter tire needs!