‘Tis the season for Winter Tires.  As a general rule you should change over from your All Season Tires to Winter Tires when the temperature dips below +7C so that you are fully prepared for the changing weather conditions that comes along with living in South Western Ontario.

The video attached to this post gives a great detail of the differences between different tires and how they react to different weather conditions.  It is shared by the Alberta Motor Association and we all know that Albertan’s know a thing or two about wild winter conditions.

At VIP AUTOPRO, we can help make the right decision on your Winter Tire Purchase based on your budget, your driving habits and the distances you typically travel on a daily basis.

To help us best give you a quote on your next Winter Tires, let us know the tire size and Make/Model of your vehicle.  Not sure of what size your tires are…no problem here is a handy guide to Tire Sizes (it is on the side wall of your tires you currently have installed).

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