Maintaining your automobile is the best thing you can do to avoid costly and annoying breakdowns.  Let’s face it, if you have ever found yourself stranded away from home, or had to call for assistance before or after work…this is not fun at all.  Even when you are diligent about your regular oil changes, tire rotations and other scheduled maintenance there are some things that are beyond your control (like, the Karmic Payback for the 15 cars you cut off you your way to work or maybe you really should have had that “Check Engine Light” dealt with 18 months ago) but now you are faced with the unsettling task of finding yourself on the side of the road with a car that has lost its will to get up and go.

Safety should always be your priority and sometimes it is possible to resolve the issue yourself or you may need to get yourself to a mechanic but here are a few tips you should consider:

Insurance and Breakdown Coverage – Many drivers may not be aware if their insurance coverage includes breakdown assistance (ie. complimentary travel to complete your journey or even rental cars).  Make sure you get what you pay for and look at your specific entitlements in your individual insurance policy.  On the other side, those same policies may not cover them if the breakdown occurs due to a lack of maintenance.  One more reason to keep your regular visits to VIP AutoPro for Seasonal Maintenance!  If your insurance does not cover you though, VIP AutoPro does provide some great assistance though the NAPA AutoPro Roadside Assistance Program.  See your Service Manager for more details.

napa roadside

Dead Batteries – The single most common cause of the dreaded feeling of being stranded hours away from home is the “dead battery”.  A jump start may be a fairly simple and effective remedy and keeping an emergency kit in the trunk that includes jumper cables is a great plan.  To avoid the click, click, click of a dead battery is to really understand what we are doing to the electrical system of our vehicles.  The ever increasing amount of electronics that goes everywhere with us (GPS, heated seats, cell phones, laptops, tablets etc) may not allow the battery to recharge itself and it may fail to start.  Avoid using your car to charge your devices (especially on short trips) and have your Charging System checked on a regular basis.

General Points – Breakdowns can ruin or at least cause significant delays in enjoying the fine summer weather that has finally arrived.  You can limit the chances of potential stress by keeping your car well maintained and professionally serviced.

Do you have your first “Summer Road Trip” planned?  See us today for a no hassle Trip Inspection, and let your Service Manager know that Otto Sent you!