When it comes to making any classic car sound as good as it looks, it takes a special touch to build an exhaust system that not only matches the style of the vehicle, but also the owner.  Yesterday a long time friend of VIP AutoPro – Florence came in with his 1957 Chevy Bel Air four door  with a bit of an issue with the existing exhaust.

Chevy Bel Air 2

To give a bit of a background, this customer stumbled across this classic beauty under a tarp in a back yard and as soon as the canvas was pulled back he just had to have it (and well wouldn’t we all like to find a gem like that in a neighbours back yard).

The challenge with the existing exhaust was that when going on a “cruise” the vibration and reverberation filled the cabin that really took away the ability to enjoy the act of “Cruizing”!


When it comes to making it right, both looking good and even more importantly sounding good, it takes a special skill that Paul and his Team at VIP AutoPro have that only comes from decades of experience.  Built with pure stainless pipe, the owner now has years of worry free driving!

If you have a classic car that is not turning heads like you would like it to, a performance car that is not quite getting you the results or your daily driver sounds more like a Tank heading into the Battle of the Buldge:


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