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With summer here and the temperatures rising, keeping your vehicle’s engine cool is more important than ever to ensure its overall performance and long life.  Regular maintenance of your vehicle’s cooling system will ensure that you will not have an unforseen break down at the worst possible time (whether that is on your way to Summer Vacation, weekend trip to the cottage or just trying to get home after a long day at work).  Keeping your cooling system well maintained will ensure that your engine is running properly and overall will give you the best performance out of your vehicle.

The cooling system in most modern vehicles consists of the engine water jacket, water pump, radiator/radiator cap, cooling fan and hoses, heater core and possibly an expansion tank.

The cooling process circulates the coolant or antifreeze through the engine to draw heat off.  You should always have the proper amount of coolant in your car and this is something that Service Experts at VIP AutoPro check for with every courtesy inspection.  If the levels are not appropriate, your vehicle will struggle to keep your engine cool leading to over heating and potentially costly breakdowns.  It is also very important to make sure you have the right type of coolant for your vehicle. Different makes and models require different formulations of coolant to protect against corrosion.

Over time and the many road trips that we take, the anti-corrosion additives within the coolant get depleted causing the coolant to start eating away at the cooling system parts.  This is why regular maintenance and servicing of your cooling system protects the investment you have made in your vehicle.

Nothing lasts forever unfortunately.  When our VIP Service Experts service your vehicle we test the coolant PH levels and provide you with recommendations as to the best time to replace your coolant, but your Vehicle’s Owners Manual will also have recommended service points that highlight the time and distance that this should be flushed ensuring your vehicle is always ready when you need it.

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