AlignmentCustomer Stories

The summer is all about hitting the open road, visiting new or familiar places and when you can…doing it all in style.

We love it when we can share our customer’s passion for cars and  a couple of days ago, a long time friend of our Florence Shop brought his 1957 Ford Fairlane in to see Paul and the guys to resolve a major issue with this 1600 kg (3500lbs) Land Ship pulling to the left when he was cruising along.

Using all the technology at their disposal, the efforts to align this American Classic into the smooth riding work of metal beauty proved to be more than a small challenge and in the end, Paul had to get “medieval” on this Detroit Engineering Masterpiece.  To resolve the Camber and Toe issues, Paul used his 30+ years of mechanic skills to bring everything back together and get all 4 wheels running in the same direction.  Congrats to the East London – VIP AutoPro location.


This isn’t the first time that this customer has came in with a “challenge” that other shops could not meet.  His other “Cruiser” a 1964 Ford Custom 500 had a similar issue with wanting to send the car and its contents into the ditch, but just like always, the VIP AutoPro team was up for that challenge as well.

Regardless of your car being a classic beauty like this one, or a beat up 1980 Pinto Wagon…or even a newer model, the Alignment Experts at all four London VIP AutoPro shops can take care of you and get your car back onto the “straight and narrow”!

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